Currumbin Wildlife Hospital

Currumbin Wildlife Hospital

Image: Steve Holland Photography

WIRES is proud to be supporting Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, Queensland to expand its facility and be equipped to treat a rapidly increasing number of sick, injured and orphaned Australian wildlife.

The hospital was built in 2009 with a plan to cater for a 10-20% growth in admissions annually, but within ten years this increased by 300%.

The recent drought and Black Summer bushfires resulted in a record number of wildlife hospital admissions. Over 1,500 native animals were admitted from November to January with almost 100 animals daily at the peak of the bushfires.

WIRES is contributing over $312,000 to fund the construction of the hospital extension as well as the medical fitout costs. The works are scheduled for completion before summer which is traditionally its busiest period.

The new extension will provide increased capacity for triage, examination and treatment, while also increasing the capacity for native animals requiring hospitalisation for extended periods of time.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not reduced general admissions, in fact during the month of May 2020 the hospital admitted 14% more native animals than May 2019.

According to WIRES CEO Leanne Taylor Currumbin Wildlife Hospital is one of a few specialist wildlife hospitals in Australia and provides exceptional care to native wildlife.

“We have worked closely with Currumbin Wildlife Hospital for many years as they help with the specialised treatment of rescued animals brought in by WIRES volunteers. We feel fortunate to be in the position to fund this much needed project as a result of the community donations we received to help wildlife in the wake of the recent emergency events,” said Taylor.

WIRES will also be supporting ongoing emergency rescue assistance with a dedicated emergency rescue responder and emergency vehicle based at Currumbin to improve rescue response capability. This dedicated rescue resource will help animals get the fastest possible assistance, whilst ensuring rescued animals will get immediate emergency vet treatment and will be able to be rehabilitated within the existing network of qualified local carers.

Senior Vet of Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, Dr Michael Pyne is extremely appreciative of the additional rescue support and of the positive impact the extension will have on the 12 000 + wildlife patients that enter the hospital each year.

“The current Currumbin Wildlife Hospital was built after we encountered severe flooding and a generous donor provided the funds to build a new hospital. Now after a tumultuous period of drought and bushfires, we are grateful for this incredible offer from WIRES to extend our hospital. We are thrilled to be able to serve the community by treating, rehabilitating and releasing native wildlife in need,” Dr Pyne said.

The image features Bronte a koala joey who is currently in care at Currumbin Wildlife Hospital. Her mother was sadly hit by a car and Bronte was found in her pouch Thanks to the amazing team at Currumbin, Bronte reached a milestone last week...she now weighs 1kg!

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