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Welcome to WIRES, where your passion for wildlife meets purpose. We understand that each journey is unique, and WIRES offers two different introductory rescue courses, each tailored to provide you with the skills needed to make a difference. Let's find the course that suits you best and sets you on the path to becoming a WIRES volunteer. You need only complete one introductory course to become involved. If you wish to pursue further training upon completion, please contact us to learn what additional training opportunities are available to you. 

Rescue 101: The Swift Path to Making an Impact

Designed for Quick Integration

The Rescue 101 Course is your express ticket to becoming a wildlife rescuer with WIRES. If you're eager to jump into rescues and transportation of commonly rescued species, this course swiftly equips you with basic knowledge. It is ideal for those who want to get involved immediately.

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Rescue and Immediate Care: The Foundation for Future Wildlife Warriors

Comprehensive Training for Rescuers and the Gateway to Becoming a Carer

The Rescue and Immediate Care Course is the foundation for those aiming to rescue and provide short-term care for wildlife with WIRES. Gain knowledge in animal rescue, transport, and first aid, and become authorised as a WIRES member to rescue a range of wildlife species. This comprehensive course is the stepping stone to more advanced species training and long-term involvement.

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Wombat Mange Treatment

Empowering You to Make a Difference

Mange is a painful and often fatal disease plaguing wombats, causing itchy, thick skin, infections, and impairing their eyesight and hearing. Easily transferred through physical contact and burrow sharing, it results in fur loss, constant thirst, and hunger, and, if left untreated, leads to a slow and painful death. Join WIRES' short online course, equipping you with the skills to diagnose and treat mange using two effective methods.

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WIRES National Rescue Training Program: Expanding Access Across Australia

Available Online Nationwide for Wildlife Professionals

WIRES offers a variety of courses within the National Training Program including an introductory wildlife rescue course, accessible online across Australia to wildlife groups, licensed rehabilitators and industry professionals such as vets and vet nurses.

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For Those Beyond NSW: Join Wildlife Rescuers Nationwide

Connecting You to Local Organisations

If you're outside NSW and looking to volunteer in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, explore the list of rescue organisations in your state or territory. Each organisation offer diverse opportunities for passionate individuals like you.

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Ready to Be a Volunteer?

Your journey starts here, and we invite you to select the course that resonates with your aspirations. If you wish to explore further training opportunities with WIRES, contact us for personalised guidance.

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