Vigilant and proactive Excavator operator helps chicks

Monday, May 22, 2023

Vigilant and proactive Excavator operator helps chicks

An excavator operator was getting ready to clear a block of land when he heard noises coming from a tree stump. When he investigated he found 6 Eastern Rosella chicks in the stump. 

WIRES was called and whilst talking to the excavator on site, two adult rosellas flew from nearby bushes to where the tree stump stood. Unfortunately there was no way of saving the stump so the chicks were taken into care.

Just before dusk and after the excavation work was done two WIRES volunteers returned to the site to place a nesting box in a nearby tree hoping to reunite the chicks with their parents. Unfortunately it had become very windy, there was still a lot of noise and the parent birds did not show up. The chicks were brought back into care; another attempt would need to be made the following day. The next morning at dawn it was still and calm and the nesting box was relocated to another tree. The chicks were placed in the box and our volunteer stood back and once again waited hoping the parents would accept this location.

They did, and before long they were busy feeding their chicks. If you are interested in making nest boxes to help wildlife, download the LLS booklet giving details on correct sizing and location of boxes.

Thank you to Mark and his men for checking the building site before clearing and for calling WIRES.

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