Photo Montage - Lorikeet chicks

Photo Montage - Lorikeet chicks

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Kristin shared this story about two lorikeets (and fantastic photo montage depicting the development of their chicks) who have been regular visitors to her garden for 15 years!

Kristin says "We'd seen them before but then they suddenly started digging in a garden bed underneath a stone bird bath basin 4 years ago.

We had no idea what they were doing but eventually realised they were digging a nest under there. They would both go into the hollow they had created and we heard sounds as if they were fighting each other. We looked into the nest when they were away and discovered they had lined the nest with their own feathers. They have used the same spot 5 times to date and have raised two chicks each time. I understand why they chose the spot. It is in an elevated position and close to water and food - perfect.

It took 100 days from when the eggs hatched to the chicks leaving the nest and the young lorikeets were often with their parents for about a month or so afterwards. We consider ourselves lucky to have been able to witness this amazing process."

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