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During 2019-2020 Australia was suffering one of the worst droughts on record when the country was ravaged by the worst fire season in ever recorded. The horrific fires wiped out millions of hectares of critical habitat and it has been estimated that nearly 3 billion animals were killed or displaced. Before the fires Australia had the worst mammal extinction rate in the world and now hundreds of species have been pushed closer to extinction. 

WIRES has been rescuing and caring for sick, injured and orphaned native animals for almost 35 years and we had never witnessed such devastation. The work involved in rescuing and rehabilitating individual animals in need is immense, and the required long-term to support wildlife habitat and species recovery is enormous. 

Woolworths began working with WIRES in January 2020, generously donating funds to support wildlife rescue, care and recovery projects and encouraging shoppers to contribute via checkout donations.

Early in 2020 WIRES volunteer Rebbecca also began working with Woolworths to establish a Food for Wildlife program supporting local wildlife carers and groups across the country. The initiative has been incredibly successful with over 100 Woolworths stores right across Australia now involved, providing essential fruit and vegetables for wildlife in care.

Food Funds for Wildlife

Reindeer CarrotsIn the financial year ending June 2020 WIRES spent over $438,000 on food for wildlife across our NSW Branches plus over $500,000 nationally, totalling over $938,000 in 12 months. 

This year Woolworths have partnered with WIRES to provide national Food Funds for Wildlife, and this Christmas, 10 cents from the sale of each Reindeer Carrots pack is being donated to WIRES to help support the rescue, care and feeding of sick, injured and orphaned native Australian wildlife. 

When you next need carrots please pop into Woolworths or shop online and purchase some Australian Grown Reindeer Carrots to help native wildlife at the same time. 

We are encouraging people to get creative with your Christmas carrot recipes and share them online with us via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

Food for Wildlife

This fantastic recycling program reduces waste and benefits native animals. WIRES and Woolworths are committed to growing the program and we all hope to be able to share more regular updates with you about the stores, volunteers, rescue groups and wildlife involved throughout 2021. 

WIRES volunteers can access NSW participating stores and external rescue groups can register to become involved here.

Wildlife Needing Rescue

If you find sick, injured or orphaned native animals please read WIRES Emergency Advice and report the rescue online or call WIRES Rescue Office 24/7 for advice and assistance on 1300 094 737.

Please do not give native animals food unless it is under the direction of a wildlife vet or wildlife rescue organisation. Feeding sick or injured animals pre-treatment or feeding animals incorrect food, can be detrimental for their health. It is always best to let healthy native animals eat their native diet and when they need to be in care, they can be fed the right amount of approved foods to give them the best opportunity for a successful recovery.  

To help wildlife, particularly during summer, the best way to assist is to leave out fresh water. If you haven't yet, please register for our newsletter to get regular rescue and care updates.

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