Woolworths & WIRES are working together to support Australian wildlife. 

Beginning in early 2020 as a collaborative response to a series of unprecedented emergency events, the relationship has grown into a long-term partnership to support increased national capacity to rescue, rehabilitate and release native animals and assist with the long-term preservation of native species.

National Wildlife Food Program

In partnership with Woolworths, WIRES is using the funds raised from the relationship to help wildlife carers across Australia provide better outcomes for the native animals in their care with 3 core initiatives:

Food For Wildlife

WIRES and Woolworths work with licensed volunteers and rescue groups across Australia to provide supplemental food to recovering wildlife. Diverting produce that would normally go unused & contribute to landfill, this program helps reduce food waste as well as helping the environment & our native animals. Learn more here

Wildlife Food Support

A new program led by WIRES and Woolworths to support wildlife in care nationally by providing subsidies to authorised groups and volunteers. Learn more here

Emergency Food Fund

When the need for quick and actionable response to emergencies presents itself to carers, WIRES and Woolworths have allocated funding to be rapidly available to help carers/groups meet emergency wildlife food needs when they need it most. Learn more here

Woolworths Instore Support

Reindeer Carrots

Reindeer Carrots

Last Christmas, Woolworths Team and customers helped raise over $338,000 for the Woolworths & WIRES Food for Wildlife program through the sale of Reindeer Carrots. WIRES & WOOLWORTHS are proud to announce that Australian grown Reindeer Carrots will again be on sale instore this festive season. 10 cents from the sale of each pack of Australian grown Reindeer Carrots from 17.11.21 to 28.12.21 will be donated to WIRES to help support the rescue, care and feeding of our native Australian wildlife.

Woolworths customers can also donate to WIRES when doing their weekly online shopping by simply adding one of the pre nominated $2, $5 or $20 donation amounts to their carts.

Spring Garden Ornaments

Woolworths recently launched a new range of native Australian Spring Garden Ornaments to help create a natural and welcoming environment in your Garden, encouraging more natural spaces to be made available for wildlife to cohabitate within. For every garden ornament and Woolworths Koala or Wombat Scourer sold, Woolworths donated 50 cents to WIRES to support the rescue, care and feeding of sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife.


2019/2020 Emergency Response

During 2019-2020 Australia was suffering one of the worst droughts on record when the country was ravaged by months of fires. The horrific fires wiped out millions of hectares of critical habitat and it has been estimated that nearly 3 billion animals were killed or displaced and hundreds of species have been pushed closer to extinction.

Despite rescuing and caring for sick, injured and orphaned native animals for over 35 years and WIRES had never witnessed such devastation. The immediate work involved in rescuing and rehabilitating individual animals was significant, and the long-term needs to support the recovery of wildlife habitat and native species recovery are enormous.

WIRES spent over $938,000 on food for wildlife nationally FY20 and were extremely grateful for Woolworths support at this difficult time.

Caring for Wildlife

If you find sick, injured or orphaned native animals please read WIRES Emergency Advice and report the rescue online or call WIRES Rescue Office 24/7 for advice and assistance on 1300 094 737.

Please do not give native animals food or water unless it is under the direction of a wildlife vet or wildlife rescue organisation.
Feeding sick or injured animals pre-treatment, or feeding animals incorrect food can be detrimental for their health.

It is always best to let healthy native animals eat their native diet and when they need to be in care, trained rehabilitators feed them specific quantities of approved foods that support their recovery and release back into the wild.  To help wildlife, particularly during summer, the best way to assist is to leave out fresh water.

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