In early 2020, in response to natural disasters, Woolworths and WIRES collaborated to build a long-term partnership for the protection of vulnerable Australian wildlife. Together, we have established three key programs to support wildlife carers while helping Woolworths reduce food waste.

Woolworths and WIRES


Woolworths is working towards its sustainability goals by redistributing all unsold edible food to support the environment and the well-being of Australians, including native wildlife. 

The WIRES Rescue Food Program is a partnership between Woolworths stores and wildlife organisations, providing surplus meat, fish, fruit and vegetable donations from participating stores to combat food waste and care for native animals. 

Over 170 Woolworths stores across Australia are involved. Wildlife rescue organisations can apply for the Rescue Food Program by contacting [email protected].

Woolworths and WIRES


With the generous support of Woolworths, WIRES is assisting wildlife carers nationally through our Food Support Program.

Funds are disbursed to wildlife organisations and individual carers, providing them access to specialised wildlife food and formula from key wildlife food suppliers across the country.

This support significantly reduces the financial burden for wildlife carers, enabling them to focus on rescuing and nurturing animals in need.

If you're a licensed wildlife rescue organisation or individual, please contact [email protected] to express your interest in the program.

Woolworths and WIRES


Australia has witnessed many unprecedented natural disasters in recent years, such as severe droughts, fires, and floods, which have tragically impacted wildlife.

In response to these events, WIRES has set up the Disaster Relief Program (DRP). The program aims to provide a quicker and more efficient response to wildlife affected by natural disasters.

To support this program, Woolworths generously provides funding to help wildlife carers with emergency aid in response to major disasters. WIRES administers the funding and projects which focus on regional, state, or national events that impact numerous native animals.


Woolworths provides funding and support to WIRES by donating a percentage of the sales of its Spring Garden Ornaments, Reindeer Carrots, and Wally the Wombat cake. All three have been huge successes, allowing WIRES to run these key programs and distribute funds to wildlife groups across Australia.

Woolworths and WIRES

A second chance for Olivia, the Loggerhead Turtle

The Food Support Program supported the rehabilitation of Olivia, a Loggerhead Turtle, by covering her food costs during her time in care.

NAR Broome was stretched thin due to an influx of rescued animals, and the financial assistance from WIRES and Woolworths proved invaluable. Olivia made a remarkable recovery and was released back into the wild.

The story received media coverage, which highlighted the effectiveness of this partnership and the impact of the Food Support Program in aiding wildlife rescue efforts.

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