Community Mange Treatment Program

Community Mange Treatment Program

Save The Wombats

Mange is a painful and fatal disease which causes itchy thick skin, infections and affects wombats eyesight and hearing.

Mange is the biggest threat to wombats in NSW and is estimated to be present in 90% of local populations.

About Mange

  • Mange is easily transferred between wombats through physical contact and burrow sharing
  • Mange is caused by mites burrowing under the skin and symptoms include fur loss, crusty and itchy skin, constant thirst and hunger, diminished vision and hearing
  • If left untreated it results in a slow and painful death of the animal
  • Wombats are nocturnal – those suffering from more severe cases of mange may often be seen out during the day due to crusty skin around the eyes impairing their vision

Luckily, there is a treatment and you can help us save lives.

You can donate to support mange treatment or volunteer to assist. If you are over 18 and wanting to volunteer to help treat wombats with mange in your community, you may be eligible to join WIRES Community Mange Treatment Program.

WIRES short online course will teach you how to diagnose and treat mange using two different methods

An experienced WIRES volunteer will guide you to:

Community Mange Treatment Program

By joining WIRES Community Mange Treatment Program, you can treat mange-affected wombats in your local area.

WIRES short online course will teach you how to diagnose and treat mange using two different methods, and an experienced WIRES volunteer will guide you to:

  • Conduct targeted treatments on individual wombats
  • Assist on large population treatments
  • Enter data which is vital in making decisions involving future treatment and conservation
  • Set up wildlife cameras

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Historically, mange has been very difficult and time consuming to treat. With recent interest from the academic community, government agencies and business, more effective and efficient treatments are becoming available. One of the new treatments available is Bravecto Spot-on for Dogs and WIRES is proud to be partnered with MSD Animal Health (Bravecto) to distribute this life saving medication to wombat treaters around Australia. If you are an authorised mange treater in need of Bravecto, please submit your request below.

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Program Partners

We can only defeat this disease and conserve this iconic species by working together, and WIRES would like to acknowledge our Platinum Partners:

  • Little Giant Wines for their support launching this program, and their ongoing efforts to stop the spread of mange in Australia. 
  • MSD Animal Health (Bravecto) for their support in the fight against mange.

Community Mange Treatment Program

Community Mange Treatment Program

Wombat Mange Fund

Calls reporting mange affected wombats have doubled in the last 5 years. We need funds to support the ongoing purchases of the medication and equipment required for this much needed treatment. By donating today, you will be directly helping our on-ground efforts to eradicate mange from the Bare-nosed wombat population.


Community Mange Treatment Program

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