Wildlife Road Awareness

This young red-necked wallaby joey was rescued after his mother was sadly hit and killed by a car. WIRES volunteers rescue many animals who have unfortunately become a victim of an accidental collision with motor vehicles on our roads.

While in many cases the accident may be unavoidable there are things you can do to reduce the risk to wildlife and to help any pouch young and prevent further wildlife casualties.

  • Please drive with caution on both regional and urban roads where native animals may be present. It is especially important to be vigilant and very aware in the early mornings, late afternoons and through the night when many native animals are out and about.
  • In winter when there are less hours of daylight many of us travel more in the low light times of dusk and dawn which is when many native animals are most active.
  • If you do accidentally hit any animal please stop whenever it is safe to do so and always check the pouch and the nearby area for young animals. Read our Driver Brochure to find out how to be prepared. Always approach any animal with care as injured animals will be very scared and may lash out. If you do find a young animal in a pouch it will need to be kept warm and quiet until you can call WIRES 1300 094 737 or a nearby vet for help. Remember echidnas and wombats also may have pouch young and collisions can result in very young animals being 'thrown' from the pouch so it is important to check the surrounding area as well as the pouch.
  • Very small pouch young who are still on the teat should not be removed before contacting WIRES 1300 094 737 for further advice and guidance.
  • If you do accidentally hit any animal, please stop your car carefully and safely and check to see if the animal requires emergency assistance.
  • Dead animals can attract scavenger animals towards the road to feed, and increase the chances of more collisions. You can reduce this risk where it is safe to do so, by moving the dead animal even a few metres away from the road.
  • It can sometimes be difficult or unsafe in some circumstances for cars to stop and for drivers to check pouches themselves. WIRES volunteers can check the animals if we are notified, so please put our rescue number in your phone 1300 094 737 or download WIRES free wildlife rescue app

Calls to our rescue line continue to increase and every year our limited resources are further stretched. If you can make a donation to help it is greatly appreciated.

To access 24/7 rescue advice and assistance for sick, injured and orphaned native animals call 1300 094 737, or fill in the online rescue form.

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