Raptors - Birds of Prey

Phone WIRES Rescue Line on 1300 094 737 immediately so that we can organise a trained rescuer to attend. Keep an eye on the bird from a safe distance. Keep all pets and people away until the situation is resolved.

If you’ve found an injured bird of prey

Like most native fauna, they are wary of people and will usually flee if given the opportunity. If you stay well away from these birds they usually present no immediate danger, however like most large animals it is best to keep children and pets well away from them, even if they are injured.

All these bird of prey have very strong and powerful beaks and talons that can cause significant injury. 

If you see a Raptor or any bird of prey like eagles, falcons or hawks, please keep your distance, do not try to touch it or try to contain it.

To access 24/7 rescue advice and assistance for sick, injured and orphaned native animals call 1300 094 737, or fill in the online rescue form.

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