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The Future of NSW Wildlife is Under Threat 

Your Urgent Action is Needed. Please Stand Up For Nature Today.

There is draft legislation proposed in NSW that is open for public consultation until June 28th. 
The proposed changes if accepted will put the future of NSW wildlife at risk. 

These changes are so dire for native animals and the environment that WIRES have partnered with the Nature Conservation Council of NSW, Total Environment Centre, National Parks Association of NSW, The Wilderness Society, WWF Australia, Colong Foundation for Wilderness and Humane Society International, to speak out against the proposed changes.

How can you help?  

  1. Make a submission before June 28, 2016. You can use this template for a submission or your own and submit it online 
  2. Email the Environment Minister Mark Speakman now to let him know you want wildlife and wildlife habitat protected. If you prefer you can call Mark Speakman’s office on (02) 8574 6390.
  3. Write to your local MP to express your views, you can find MP contact details here.
  4. Add your voice to the 11,500+ community members who are standing up for nature and sign the online petition now.
Major issues for wildlife

  • In March, the government's State of the Environment Report 2015 advised that a record 999 plant and animal species now face extinction in NSW.
  • Between 2009 and 2012 35 species were listed as threatened and the extinction of more irreplaceable ecological communities of plants and animals is imminent. 
  • Any removal of existing habitat protection will have an irreversible impact on wildlife as remaining natural habitat disappears. 
  • Some bushland and threatened species habitat in NSW represents the last vestiges of what was present and can never be replaced if they are destroyed.
  • Koalas are one species listed as vulnerable to extinction in NSW and the major cause of the reduction in their numbers is habitat loss due to land clearing. 
  • Figures from the NSW Auditor General’s office, analysed by WWF Australia, showed that 116,000 native mammals avoided death due to agricultural clearing. Over 10 years it's estimated over 1,000,000 animals have been saved as a result of the Native Vegetation Act alone. 
  • The draft legislation removes all legal requirements for land clearing to ‘maintain or improve’ biodiversity at a time when biodiversity laws need to be strengthened.
  • Deregulation of wildlife licensing is proposed that could have widespread negative consequences on the welfare of individual animals and wild populations across all species.

More Information

Read the Government's draft legislation

Read the NCC summary of the draft legislation 

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