There is currently a proposal to allow additional native mammal species to be kept as pets. If allowed, it would create significant and irreversible risks to the conservation and the welfare of wildlife in NSW.

The proposed list includes Koalas, Ghost Bats, Wallaroos and Bare-nosed Wombats. 11 of the 37 species listed are currently on the NSW Threatened Species List.

Sign the petition today and make your voice heard. We DO NOT want our precious native wildlife to be kept as pets in NSW.

Sign the petition to the NSW Minister for Energy and Environment, Matthew Kean

I call on you to immediately reject the proposal to expand the list of native mammals which can be kept as pets in NSW. 

Consideration for mammals species to be added to the NSW Animal Keepers’ species list should be halted. 

We have a responsibility to provide a safeguard against these species being acquired by the pet trade and bred for domestic purposes. The mammals listed in the proposal should be protected as native wildlife and efforts should be made to conserve their populations in the wild.  

Take this opportunity to show you care about wildlife, their welfare and conservation in NSW.

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