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Veterinary Vaccination Grants

Veterinary Vaccination Grant Applications are now closed

The emergency events of 2019/2020 took an unprecedented toll on wildlife and wildlife habitat. Even before those events many species including the Spectacled, Grey-headed and Christmas Island Flying-foxes were already classified as vulnerable to extinction or endangered. The devastating drought and fires impacted billions of animals and the Grey-headed Flying-fox was identified as one of 119 species requiring urgent intervention. Flying-foxes are important long range pollinators and crucial to healthy ecosystems.

As a part of WIRES emergency preparedness program, we established a new grant to cover the costs of vaccinations for vet clinic staff nationally, up to $50,000

This program was specifically designed to increase veterinary capacity to treat flying-foxes, as veterinary staff must be vaccinated to treat flying-foxes. Wildlife rescuers and carers rely heavily on the generosity of veterinary clinics and wildlife hospitals to triage and treat injured flying-foxes. Flying-foxes often come into care with severe injuries from entanglement and swift treatment is crucial to their survival.


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