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Veterinary Vaccination Grants

The emergency events of 2019/2020 took an unprecedented toll on wildlife and wildlife habitat. Even before those events many species including the Spectacled, Grey-headed and Christmas Island Flying-foxes were already classified as vulnerable to extinction or endangered. The devastating drought and fires impacted billions of animals and the Grey-headed Flying-fox was identified as one of 119 species requiring urgent intervention. Flying-foxes are important long range pollinators and crucial to healthy ecosystems.

As a part of WIRES emergency preparedness program, we have established a new grant to cover the costs of vaccinations for vet clinic staff nationally, up to $50,000

This program is specifically designed to increase veterinary capacity to treat flying-foxes, as veterinary staff must be vaccinated to treat flying-foxes. Wildlife rescuers and carers rely heavily on the generosity of veterinary clinics and wildlife hospitals to triage and treat injured flying-foxes. Flying-foxes often come into care with severe injuries from entanglement and swift treatment is crucial to their survival.

Flying-foxes are highly susceptible to heat stress, with mass deaths and mass rescues unfortunately becoming more common in summer months, as entire colonies can be severely affected.

WIRES encourages veterinary staff near colonies that are keen to regularly help treat flying-foxes, to become vaccinated and help save these critical species.

This Vaccination Grant Program includes the initial vaccinations required, which will need to be administered by a medical professional.

Applicants will also need to discuss the plans with their doctor to confirm their doctor supports them receiving the vaccinations.

Applications close Monday 30th November. 

Eligibility and Assessment Criteria
  • Vet Clinic/Hospital has been or is wanting to be actively involved in treating wildlife, specifically flying-foxes and microbats
  • Vet Clinic/Hospital is in an area where vet treatment for flying-foxes and microbats is regularly required 
  • Vet Clinic/Hospital is able to prioritise critical wildlife emergency cases
  • Vet Clinic/Hospital is in an area which has high flying-fox populations 
  • Vet Clinics/Hospitals in areas where heat stress events regularly occur will be given priority
  • Applications can contain multiple requests for staff vaccinations, however, only a limited number per approved site may be possible
  • Regions where additional veterinary support is urgently required will be prioritised
  • All applicants must be willing to cover their own costs for future booster vaccinations required
  • Geographic spread will be taken into account to maximise impact


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