For almost 35 years WIRES have provided the community with a dedicated service for the rescue and care of wildlife. It is the support of our visionary donor community that enables WIRES to continue our ongoing vital emergency rescue work for tens of thousands of native animals every year.

We know our major partners give to create positive, lasting change and we welcome the opportunity to discuss the funding options that align with your philanthropic focus. Together we can make a profound difference and we welcome your pledge of support, so we can give native wildlife the very best chance of survival.   

Major donations provide vital financial support for critical areas of our work, enabling us to continue our life-saving programs in the following areas: 

  • EMERGENCY RESPONSE – Ensure we keep our Wildlife Rescue Office open 24/7, and resource our growing fleet of Wildlife Ambulances and Emergency Responders. 

  • RESCUE & REHABILITATION – Support our network of thousands of volunteers to provide best practice care and rehabilitation, so wherever possible, rescued native animals get a second chance of life in the wild. 

  • RECOVERY & RISK REDUCTION - Support the long-term recovery and preservation of Australian native species and their habitats.   

In no other time in history has WIRES’ mission been more critical for the future of Australian wildlife. Every native life put back in the wild is a buffer against extinction.  

For more information about our work and partnering with us on specific projects, please contact Brooke Taylor, Philanthropy Executive on 02 8977 3364 or email [email protected] 

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