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Why are more rescuers needed?

Across Australia thousands of sick, injured and orphaned animals need help every day. There are many incredible wildlife rescue organisations across the country and yet there are never enough volunteers to respond quickly to all rescues where needed. During the 2019/2020 horrific fires millions of hectares of critical habitat was lost and almost 3 billion animals were estimated to have been killed or displaced. Thanks to the incredible support of the community WIRES has been working on a wide range of projects to increase national rescue and rehabiliation capacity, improve emergency response and support species recovery.

WIRES created the online Introduction to Wildlife Rescue Course which is available nationally to support smaller rescue organisations that needed help to provide quick, consistent training for their new volunteers.

The course helps wildlife rescue groups around Australia to respond to the growing number of calls for assistance and to engage more people in volunteering to assist with wildlife rescue, by providing the knowledge and skills they need to help rescue native animals.

What's involved?

For existing rescue organisations that adopt the training, volunteers will complete a 100% online course, which will train them to begin assisting with the transport to vets of common species including birds, possums, lizards and turtles. This programme is ideal for people new to wildlife rescue, that are keen to get involved as quickly as possible.

The course will normally be $30 per person, however, to ensure organisations can train the highest number of new volunteers, WIRES is offering resue organisations keen to collaborate, a Training Grant that will covers the cost of all volunteers they would like to complete the program in 2021.

How do groups access the course?

Please reach out to WIRES training team by emailing [email protected]


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