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Why are more rescuers needed?

Annually WIRES is called to provide rescue advice and assistance for tens of thousands of animals. Although we have many incredible volunteers there are never enough to respond to all calls in all areas. 

To help us respond to the growing number of calls for assistance WIRES is launching a new volunteer programme called Rescue 101, to engage more people in volunteering to assist with wildlife rescue, by providing the knowledge and skills they need to help rescue native animals.

What's involved?

Volunteers will complete an online course, which will then enable them to receive rescue alerts for sick and injured native animals in nearby areas. They will be able to assist with the transport to vets of common species including birds, possums, lizards and turtles.

This programme is ideal for people wanting to get involved with wildlife rescue, whilst being able to be very flexible with the amount of time they have available to volunteer.

Anyone wanting to care for wildlife will need to complete additional training first and may want to consider signing up immediately for WIRES Rescue and Immediate Care Course. Depending on the species participants want to rehabiliate, more advanced training courses may also be needed.

Who can join?

Participants must be 18 and over to register for WIRES training. Rescue 101 participants must also have their own transport in order to attend rescues. Participants must also reside in an area in NSW where WIRES is licenced to rescue wildlife.

WIRES new Rescue programme has been tested in Sydney's Northern Beaches and is proudly supported by Northern Beaches Council. The programme is now expanding in the Northern Beaches (Sept/Oct 2019) and after that plans for the Greater Sydney region and WIRES regional areas will be confirmed.

How do I get started?

There will be an annual Rescue Membership fee of $25 (including GST) and new volunteers will be given access to the Rescue 101 course within 2-3 working days of joining. If you are keen to get involved when the opportunities is available in your area, please fill in our registration of interest form.


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