WIRES Rescue 101 course

Make an Immediate Impact

Welcome to WIRES, where your desire to make a difference in wildlife rescue becomes a reality. Our Rescue 101 Program is more than a course; it's your path to becoming a compassionate force for injured and sick wildlife. 

Simple Rescues, Maximum Flexibility

Designed for Swift Engagement

The Rescue 101 Program is crafted to swiftly involve more people in wildlife volunteering. We understand that quick action is often crucial for the most common wildlife calls we receive – those requiring rapid transport for veterinary assistance. As a Rescue 101 volunteer, you'll respond to calls for simple rescues and transport wildlife to veterinary care. Your role provides maximum flexibility, allowing you to decide how often you get involved and how many rescues you undertake.

Who Can Join

Inclusivity in Action

Rescue 101 is open to individuals aged 18 and over who reside in areas of NSW where WIRES is licensed to rescue and care for wildlife. You're ready to join if you have your own transport and a compassionate heart.

Species You Can Assist With 

Empowerment Through Knowledge

Upon completion, Rescue 101 volunteers can assist with rescuing and transporting birds, possums, lizards, turtles, and frogs. Your newfound knowledge enables you to make an immediate impact in alleviating suffering.

WIRES Rescue 101 course

WIRES Rescue 101 course

WIRES Rescue 101 course

WIRES Rescue 101 course

WIRES Rescue 101 course

What's Involved

Simple Steps, Big Impact

Course Content: Nurturing Your Skills

Essential Modules for Impactful Rescues

Course Delivery: A Seamless Experience

Online, Convenient, Impactful

This course is delivered online, taking approximately 4 hours – a small investment for a lifetime of impact.

Course Fee: Only $25

Get Started: Enrol Now

Your journey into wildlife rescue starts here. Enrol now, and let's make a difference together. Your compassion has the power to change lives.

For Long-Term Commitment: Explore WIRES Rescue and Immediate Care Course

Elevate Your Involvement

For those seeking to extend their impact to a wider range of wildlife species or to commence your journey to become a carer, we encourage you to register for the WIRES Rescue and Immediate Care Course. This comprehensive course opens doors to a deeper level of wildlife care and rescue.

WIRES Rescue 101 course

Training e-News

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