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National Training Opportunities

WIRES has created a library of online courses relating to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation to provide an opportunity for licensed wildlife rescuers and rehabilitators around Australia to access wildlife specific training.

Many additional courses are also currently in development, and we recommend checking back in regularly to see if any new courses are available. As new courses are released, they will be available for eligible organisations under the WIRES Training Grant Program free of charge for the first month, post launch.

WIRES courses can be accessed by licensed wildlife rehabilitators, wildlife rescue and care organisations, and those working in a relevant industry (e.g veterinary staff).

If you are interested in accessing training for a number of individuals in your organisation, bulk enrolment and payment can be arranged. Please also consider signing up to the WIRES Training Grant Program to be notified of new course releases and be able to access the free 1 month enrolment offer that follows the release of a new WIRES course.

Online National Courses Currently Available

Introduction to Wildlife Rescue

This course is designed to help rescue organisations recruit and train more new volunteers faster, to begin rescuing the animals most commonly reported needing assistance, including birds, possums, lizards and turtles.

$30 per person. Please note, this fee has been waived for 2022 for eligible groups who have signed up to the WIRES Training Grant Program

Sea Turtle Rescue and Transport

This course is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to safely rescue and transport sea turtles. Participants will learn how to identify injuries and signs of disease, maintain high standards of animal welfare, and become familiar with WHS considerations during the rescue and transport process.

$30 per person for approved participants

Koala Rescue and Transport

This course has been developed to provide wildlife rescuers with the skills and knowledge to safely capture and transport sick, injured or orphaned koalas. Participants will learn about important koala biology and behaviour, identify signs of common injuries and diseases, become familiar with best practice rescue and transport techniques, and review a range of common koala rescue scenarios.

$30 per person for approved participants

Treating Wombats with Mange

This course is designed to address the WHS risks and hazards associated with treating wombats with mange, outline the current approved techniques for treating mange and equip participants with the ability to ascertain the various stages of mange. Please ensure you/your group has the appropriate permits or licences required in your state before commencing any treatment.

$15 per person for approved participants

Sea Snake Rescue and Transport

This online course is designed to provide experienced snake rescuers and rehabilitators with the skills and knowledge to safely rescue and transport sea snakes. The course covers important WHS considerations when dealing with these venomous animals, as well as information on species identification, common reasons for rescue, rescue and transport techniques, and state-based reporting, rehabilitation facilities, and support.

$30 per person for approved participants

Please note, to be eligible to complete this course, it is recommended that all participants:

Please note, completion of this course does not result in authorisation of rescue and transportation of sea snakes. All individuals must adhere to relevant state licensing requirements regarding the handling venomous snakes. In NSW, The Code specifies sea snakes must only be handled by wildlife rehabilitators who have undertaken a venomous snake handling course which includes training in venomous snake bite first aid and is refreshed every three years.

More courses coming soon in 2022:

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