Seasonal Animal Advice

Read about some of the seasonal behaviour of native animals

NSW Bushfires

WIRES would like to thank everyone for their very generous donations and other offers of help, both during and since the bushfires. It is important for people who live in areas where fires have been to think about leaving out bowls of water out for animals escaping the fires and... read more

People and Plovers

Plovers or Masked Lapwings are fairly large birds, they have long reddish legs and large yellow facial wattles. They inhabit virtually the whole of Australia and are commonly found on the shores of swamps and lakes. They commonly inhabit large grassy areas often areas cleared for pasture or parkland. Plovers... read more

Flying-foxes and fruit tree netting

At this time of year WIRES is called to help scores of flying foxes entangled in fruit netting. The cause is the use of poorly erected and inappropriate netting - the cheap, black, monofilament netting available widely from hardware stores. See our factsheet on how to erect netting that is... read more

Migrating Seabirds

At this time of year WIRES often starts receiving calls to rescue hundreds of seabirds found dying along the coast. The birds, mainly short-tailed shearwaters, are on their annual migration - one of the longest of any bird. People find them on the beaches dying from exhaustion. WIRES asks people... read more

Flying-foxes being impacted by cold and wet weather

Urgent Notice: WIRES has been taking calls from right across NSW to help with flying-foxes who are feeling the effects of the prolonged wet and cold weather during the last week. It is absolutely crucial that we get specialist rescuers to any flying-foxes seen out during the day away from... read more

Tawny Frogmouths better by the dozen

Every year many WIRES volunteers find themselves inundated with chicks. Among others, we see many tawny frogmouth chicks. They come into care for a variety of reasons, sometimes a run of wild weather will contribute, other times there is no single recognisable cause for the influx. In the first instance... read more

Ringtail Possums: worth a second look

Now that it is spring, WIRES – the NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service is receiving many calls to ringtail possums. Possums breed all year round but are especially prolific in spring. WIRES General Manager Leanne Taylor, said members of the public are calling WIRES about dead ringtail possums... read more

Snakes - Shy and Reclusive

WIRES receives hundreds of calls from people concerned because they see a snake on their property. As the weather warms up there may be more frequent sightings of reptiles. WIRES is a volunteer organisation with trained reptile handlers. These dedicated people are volunteers who in most cases are employed in... read more

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