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WIRES North West branch calls for more volunteers

Two newly hatched Galah chicks are safe and well thanks to a quick thinking call to WIRES from Ausgrid linesman Steven Lodge.
Steven was checking the deteriorating condition of a power pole in Yagoona when he noticed two eggs in the hollow at the top of the ageing pole (see images below).
WIRES volunteer, Deborah Martin immediately came and collected the eggs from Steve at the site and then rushed them to an incubator. The eggs hatched two weeks later and she is now raising two healthy, and very lucky chicks.

“A nesting hollow at the top of an eroding power pole is not an ideal place to try and raise any chicks,” said Martin “It was very fortunate for them that Steve thought to call WIRES or their chances of survival would have been very slim.”

“We are extremely grateful to Steven, Ausgrid and other service companies such as the NSW Fire Brigade as they are always willing to come and lend a hand and always notify us if they come across stranded native animals.”

WIRES North West is currently seeking more dedicated wildlife rescue and care volunteers like Ms Martin and is asking members of the local community to consider helping out in their spare time.

As caring for NSW wildlife requires specific training and licensing, WIRES is holding a Rescue and Immediate Care Course (RICC) at Ropes Crossing on Saturday 1 October. The course is fully accredited and costs $175.

“The amount I have learnt about native wildlife since I joined WIRES in 2009 is phenomenal,” said Martin "We not only meet a need to ensure the future of our native species but when people are concerned about the environment or wildlife they can turn to WIRES for help and advice.”

For more information on the course please email or visit

To organise an interview with WIRES volunteer, Deborah Martin or with Ausgrid’s Steven Lodge please call Carla Toyne on 02 8977 3327 or 0416272153 or email

If you find an injured, orphaned or displaced native animal please call the WIRES Rescue line ASAP on 1300 094 737. WIRES relies almost entirely on donations to continue its work rescuing, caring for and releasing native Australian wildlife and tax deductible donations (over $2) can be made at or on 02 8977 3396.

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