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Wendy the wallaby joey is on the road to recovery

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

It is thanks to an observant passerby who saw a tiny tail sticking out of a deceased wallaby’s pouch, that a tiny 540 gram joey is now in the care of WIRES and expected to make a full recovery.

The passing driver noticed the adult female joey lying on the side of the road after being hit by a car and carefully took the little joey from her pouch, wrapped it in some toweling and went straight to Kincumber vet.

The vet confirmed that the female joey had miraculously survived the accident with just a tiny scratch on her leg.

The tiny joey was named Wendy and is now in the care of local Wires volunteer Natalie Vergara.

“After several stressful days without her mum Wendy took to her bottle very well,” said Vergara. “We estimate she is just a few months old and so will be in care with until early next year when we will release her back into the wild.”

According to Vergara, being a WIRES member allows her to channel her love of animals in a positive way and she encourages anyone who loves our unique wildlife to join and help make a difference.

“I joined WIRES after searching on the internet for some kind of animal rescue I could get involved in - I didn’t know such a wonderful service existed at the time and was so happy to find it,” said Vergara.

“I love WIRES because it gives our native animals a voice and I have also made some very good friends in my seven years with the organisation. Being able to care for an animal and then release it back into its natural environment makes me feel very proud of what we do.  My intention is to always be with WIRES, it’s such a rewarding experience!”

WIRES is holding an accredited Rescue and Immediate Care Course on 24 July  at Gosford. To attend or for more information please visit wires.org.au or email Training@wires.org.au

For an interview with local WIRES volunteer Natalie Vergara please call Carla Toyne on 02 8977 3327 or 0416 272 153;or email media@wires.org.au 


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