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Volunteer your skills by becoming a Digital Wildlife Ambassador

Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organisation is urging all Australians to consider how they can use their digital skills to help animals in need.

WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service Inc.) is using National Volunteer Week as an opportunity to launch its new Digital Wildlife Ambassadors program - “This program is a way for people who cannot rescue and care wildlife directly, to support our work in a very valuable way,” said WIRES CEO Leanne Taylor.

“By sharing content online, through social media platforms and networks, we can spread the word about the essential role that WIRES plays in the community and help to educate people about better caring for our wildlife,” she said.

It’s a rallying cry that has been sustained for more than 30 years, since WIRES founder Mikla Lewis first saw the need for a rescue and care service for injured, orphaned and displaced native animals.

For many years, Ms Lewis and her team co-ordinated the training of rescuers and carers, and organised vets and volunteers, from a disused classroom in Forestville.

The organisation now works with more than 2,500 volunteers, with active rescuers and carers in 27 branches around the state. It provided training for more than 500 people in the past year.

"It is a vital service, not only for the animals but for people as well – it is very distressing to find an injured animal or an orphan and not know what to do with it," Ms Lewis said.

"Getting involved in WIRES is a way for people to make a difference, and not feel so helpless."

With less than five per cent of WIRES' funding coming from the state government, the not-for-profit service relies on donations and volunteers to handle more than 250,000 calls for help each year.

“National Volunteer Week is a great opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to our volunteers and supporters and the six million Australians who volunteer their time and expertise to charitable organisations such as WIRES,” said Ms Taylor.

“It’s also the ideal time to put out the call to animal lovers of all ages who would like to get involved as a Digital Wildlife Ambassador. Please join us in helping to spread the word that our wildlife is important.”

Apply to become a Digital Wildlife Ambassador for WIRES at:

Media Contact: Paula Wallace, 0404 088 501,

WIRES Digital Wildlife Ambassadors program

WIRES wants to expand its online community to share its message with the world and help raise money to support wildlife rescue, care and education. It welcomes applications from people who are committed to becoming an important part of the WIRES team on an ongoing basis, by sharing content or contributing relevant material that can be shared online.

If you have skills, or want to develop skills, in writing, blogging, drawing, interviewing, photography, graphic design, online marketing or film-making we would like to give you the opportunity to share your talents.

As a volunteer you can decide what you share, what you’d like to contribute and how often you contribute.

If you would like to apply to become a Digital Wildlife Ambassador for WIRES please fill in the application form at:

This project has been assisted by the New South Wales
Government through its Environmental Trust.

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