Impact Report FY2020

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

WIRES has released their Impact Report FY 2020. The report outlines the emergency response to the 19/20 bushfires and programs that have been initiated from financial support received from Australia and around the world.

WIRES CEO Leanne Taylor states in the introduction to the report:

Over the last year the situation for hundreds of native species and for WIRES as an organisation has been forever changed.

With the rest of the country we were devastated by the unimaginable loss of life and biodiversity that resulted from the catastrophic combination of long-term drought and the worst Australian fire season in recorded history.

We were also overwhelmed by the financial, physical and emotional support for wildlife, received from hundreds of thousands of individuals and organisations across the country and worldwide. The scale of the disasters touched so many and the community mobilised to provide rescue and care for native animals impacted by the bushfires and to preserve and protect Australian wildlife into the future.

A national emergency requires a national response and WIRES was empowered by the community to support wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and recovery across Australia.

We sincerely thank the thousands of volunteers, veterinary staff and wildlife hospitals across Australia who rescue and care for native animals every day. We also thank every individual, community and organisation who has assisted our work with native animals.

Whether you have reported an injured animal, become a wildlife rescuer, sent supplies, helped with community wildlife education, restored habitat, donated financially, assisted with species conservation, or offered water and a safe resting place. We cannot do what we do for wildlife without you, thank you.

There has been a significant amount of good work done to help wildlife this year, and there remains a major challenge ahead as we continue to address the issues facing our animals. We will continue rescuing and caring for individual animals and collaborating with major partners to address the issues of habitat loss and the depletion of wild populations. With many threatened species now closer to extinction, urgent action is needed.

Click here to read full report.

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