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Monday, September 30, 2013

As the winter breeding season of the black swan comes to an end in southern parts of Australia, cygnets are birthing in the thousands around NSW. WIRES has put forward its 28th Spring Appeal, calling on the public to help it rescue unique wildlife animals like the black swan.

In full flight, the black swan is one of the most majestic waterbirds that are unique to Australia and the species has inspired artists, dance companies and film makers around the globe for decades.

“Spring is very much here as is evident by the abundance of waterbirds in Centennial Park and Eastlakes here in Sydney. The city is teaming with wildlife!” says Leanne Taylor, General Manager of WIRES.

“We have already commenced rescues of swans this season. We are thrilled to be releasing a female and male swan into the lakes at Centennial Park today. This park provides great habitat for this magnificent, migratory species.

“As well as the black swan, there are so many species that birth during spring that WIRES is called on to assist.

“Possum, wombat and wallaby joeys are all coming out to play at this time of year. As they start to gain confidence and try out a bit of traveling on their own, they can become separated, and this is where our volunteers step in to help out.

“WIRES will rescue and care for thousands of sick, injured or orphaned native animals this spring. Some of these animals will be in care for long periods of time as they cannot be reconnected with their parents and need nurturing before being released.

“Species like this black swan cygnet are tended to by their parents until they are around 6-9 months old. Some cygnets will be in care for many months before they can be safely returned to their natural habitat.

“We are asking the public to dig deep this spring and help WIRES manage the rescue, care and release of native wildlife in great need.

“With this help, WIRES can continue to provide its service free to the community,” concludes Leanne Taylor. WIRES has 27 branches around the state, servicing hundreds of species of native animals in great need.

To donate to WIRES’ 28th Spring Appeal, go to or phone (02) 8977 3396.

Media Contact: WIRES (02) 8977 3327

Media Email: [email protected]

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