Blossom the possum rescued from bushfires will eventually bloom again

Sunday, October 20, 2013

A brushtail possum with severe burns to her front and back feet, her ears and her tail is safe and in recovery with WIRES.

The possum was found lucky to be alive by a member of the public, Stephanie, in Balmoral on Friday 18th October. She rushed her to Ironmines Vet in Mittagong where she was treated for severe burns to all four feet, blistering on her ears and the tip of her tail. “She is on painkillers and she has had antibiotics to prevent infection. I am also applying cream to her burns twice a day which, like any wild animal, she finds stressful. She was severely dehydrated so the vet administered fluids to her and I have been monitoring her at home for any signs of deterioration”, Michelle said.

“At the moment ‘Blossom’ is very feisty which is a really good sign but I know that bushfires can have a delayed effect on wildlife when they come into care. Sometimes they can seem fine for a few days and then suddenly become very ill, usually due to a combination of shock, injuries and smoke inhalation so I am keeping a close eye on her. Last night I gave her a piece of apple which she found very difficult to hold but she was determined to eat it which was really encouraging.”

Wingecarribee Wires has 27 pre-bushfire possums in care at present, 17 ringtails and 10 brushtails. Blossom the possum is number 28. “She is the one who needs the most attention at the moment due to her injuries. I think sometimes the wildlife are the forgotten victims in bush fires. It must be such a frightening experience for them and even if they survive the fire they are left with no habitat – no food or shelter. So it is a double disaster for them.”

WIRES General Manager , Leanne Taylor said “ WIRES volunteer rescuers and carers are amazing and very dedicated individuals. A huge amount of our 2000+ volunteers across NSW will be out looking for wildlife they can save over the weekend and well into the next few weeks due to these horrendous bushfires. Members of the public can leave water bowls out for wildlife in need and carry a box and towel with them in case they find an injured, burnt or heat exhausted native animal “Anyone who finds an animal affected by the fires can call us for help on 13000 WIRES (1300 094 737).”

If you find a native animal in distress or need any advice or help please call WIRES on 13000 WIRES (1300 094 737)

WIRES is a registered charity and relies heavily on donations from the general public at these times more than ever

Donations to our Bushfire appeal can be made online at or by phoning (02) 8977 3396

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