Australian Hobby survives motor incident

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Native animal rescue organization WIRES is pleased to report, an Australian Hobby has managed to survive multiple injuries after colliding with a car while chasing its lunch.

The incident took place near Albury during the month of April and was witnessed by a member of the public who was able to contact WIRES immediately and get the animal into care quickly.

Upon investigation, the native raptor which had been chasing a sparrow before the collision, had split open the left side of its chest and fractured its left toe.

The Australian Hobby had its chest stitched and its toe amputated, and has been in the care of long-time WIRES volunteer, Hazel Cook for some time.

“We are pleased that this native raptor was brought into care so quickly,” says WIRES volunteer Hazel Cook.

“She still has some healing to do before she will be back out in the wild and flying through the skies, but we are confident she will make a full recovery.

The Australian Hobby is one of Australia’s smaller native raptors and is also known as the “Little Falcon”. It is commonly mistaken for a Peregrine Falcon but its wings are more slender, longer and thinner.

The species lives on the mainland of Australia in open habitat such as open woodlands and along watercourses. it feeds on a range of small animals and insects and it is often seeing flying low and fast between vegetation and along open ground.

WIRES wishes to thank everyone involved in the rescue and care of the native raptor, including photographer Kay Bennetts.

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