Help Save Our Wildlife

Australia is heading into a new era of catastrophic weather events and it’s pushing our most vulnerable native animals to the brink. 

Your tax-deductible gifts will help WIRES to ramp up our Emergency Response capabilities so we can rescue high numbers of desperate native animals not just when disasters strike, but every single day of the year.

Your tax-deductible gifts will help us save Australian wildlife!

Respond to an urgent call for a native animal in distress
Support a Wildlife Ambulance on the road for an entire day
Care for and feed an orphaned koala joey for up to 20 weeks
Provide vital oxygen to animals in respiratory distress
Deploy an Emergency Responder for one fortnight
Equip a Wildlife Ambulance with essential rescue supplies

Your donation will help keep our Wildlife Rescue Office open 24/7, will resource our growing fleet of Wildlife Ambulances and Emergency Responders and will support our dedicated, volunteer carers so that wherever possible, rescued native animals are rehabilitated and released back in the wild


Major donations

If you wish to donate an amount over $2,500, or prefer not to donate online, please contact us at or call (02) 8977 3396.

The support we receive from major donors, corporates, trust funds and foundations is essential to the future welfare of our native animals.