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  • Receives tens of thousands of calls each year to help sick, injured and orphaned native animals.
  • Trains hundreds of people in wildlife rescue and care every year and has over 3000 volunteers
  • Has been serving wildlife and the community for almost 35 years
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Devastating Fires Ravage NSW

Horrific unrelenting fires continue to decimate NSW during one of the worst droughts in history. During the catastrophic fires, lives have been lost, hundreds of homes have been lost, over 2 million hectares of land has been destroyed and dozens of fires are still burning. 

We need urgent assistance to help with these unprecedented emergencies. To help rescue wildlife please generously today.

It is impossible to estimate the number of native animals that have perished or how many more will be lost in the fires, or to predict the impact that dire food and water shortages, as well as habitat loss, caused by the fires and drought, will have on wild populations.

In the first 8 days of December alone WIRES 1300 line received over 5,800 calls and WIRES attended over 880 rescues.

Before the current fire disasters, large areas of Northern NSW and South East Queensland appeared to be experiencing a severe flying-fox starvation and dehydration event. With species such as Koalas and Grey-Headed Flying-foxes already listed as vulnerable to extinction, the additional loss of life through emergencies like this is even more devastating.

This male koala 'Odin' was one of the animals rescued by WIRES in the aftermath of the Wollemi fire. Initially Odin seemed to be responding well to treatment but like many others impacted by the fires, he sadly passed away. Every loss is distressing for everyone involved in wildlife rescue and care.

Spring and summer are always extremely busy for wildlife rescues. WIRES regularly receive 600-1000 calls a day from the community needing wildlife rescue advice and assistance and this is before the additional stress of emergency events such as bushfires and extensive habitat loss, drought and dire food shortages.

Many of WIRES volunteer rescuers and carers are inundated with animals and these events stretch our already limited resources.

Please donate to help today. Your support will help ensure future generations will get to see wildlife in the wild.  

All gifts $2 and over are tax-deductible.

Devastating Fires Ravage NSW

Dozens of fires are still burning during one of the worst droughts in history. 

Countless animals have been lost in the fires and there will food, water and habitat shortages for surviving animals for many months to come. Please give generously today.

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