Give a Gift to Wildlife

Help us keep up our Emergency Rescue Services for desperate wildlife!

Australia has one of the highest rates of species decline in the developed world. More than 100 species have been driven to extinction and a further 1,900 are threatened with the same fate. It shouldn’t be this way but whilst our native animals remain so shockingly vulnerable to land-clearing, predators, traffic, disease and increasingly extreme weather events, could you please help us be the Wildlife Emergency Response Service they urgently need us to be?

Donate Wildlife Supporter Update

Your special gift will help us respond to hundreds of Emergency Rescue calls for wildlife, every day!

Your gift will help us keep our Wildlife Rescue Office open 24/7 and will support our Wildlife Ambulances, Emergency Responders and amazing volunteers as they do all they can to provide injured, displaced and orphaned native animals with a second chance of life in the wild. Almost every day in Spring and Summer, WIRES responds to more than 500 calls for desperate wildlife – so your gift will have impact!

On behalf of the thousands of desperate native animals who will need our help over the coming year, thank you!

Major donations

If you wish to donate an amount over $2,500, or prefer not to donate online, please contact us on email [email protected] or call (02) 8977 3327.

The support we receive from major donors, trust, funds and foundations is essential to the future welfare of our native animals.