Using your cryptocurrency to help create a wilder future for Australia

At WIRES we have been increasing the ways we receive donations to reflect the variety of ways people prefer to give.

We are now proud to be accepting cryptocurrency donations via The Giving Block - one of the most reliable, secure and popular payment systems in cryptocurrency. You donate in crypto and we'll receive the monetary value. It really is that simple!

Donations of cryptocurrency may also help you maximise your charitable giving. This is because donations made with cryptocurrency are not subject to capital gains tax. This allows supporters to maximise the value of their contributions and greatly amplify our work: supporting our teams on the ground as they actively rescue and protect native Australian wildlife every day.

Australia's wildlife needs you 

By supporting WIRES Wildlife Rescue with donations of cryptocurrency, you will help us rescue thousands of sick, injured and orphaned native animals over the coming year, and wherever possible provide them with a second chance of life in the wild. For many of our most vulnerable species, your support will be the difference between life in the wild, and extinction in our lifetime.

Every donation makes a difference 

WIRES Wildlife Rescue relies on the donations of generous individuals, throughout Australia and across the world. With little to no government funding, more than 80% of our work is funded by individuals, and around 20% is funded through generous organisations and corporates. Please donate now and help us make a difference.

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