Donate Goods to WIRES Wildlife Rescue 

At WIRES, we're dedicated to helping Australia's wildlife, and you can make a difference by donating physical items.

By completing our simple online form on this page, you're contributing to our cause and keeping our rescue line available for emergency calls. 

What We Need 

If you have excess stock or unused items, these are the much-needed resources for our volunteer wildlife rescuers and carers: 

  • Towels: Bath and beach towels 
  • Pillowcases (cotton, flannelette, linen, or bamboo) 
  • Handmade Pouches: Knitted 100% wool pouches with 100% cotton liners (Click here for instructions on how to make pouches.
  • Supplies: Reusable cable ties, disposable gloves, safety gloves, puppy training pads, rolls of shade cloth (50%, 80%, and 90%) 
  • Cages & Carriers: Large cages, top-opening pet carriers/rescue baskets, flexariums, possum boxes, humidicribs/incubators 
  • Heating pads with thermostat controllers 
  • Puppy playpens 
  • Aviaries: (preferably flat packed) – portable aviaries & fixed location aviaries 
  • Food Bowls: Ceramic or metal food bowls 

Medical Supplies 

We also need essential medical supplies to care for injured wildlife: 

  • Bandages (assorted) 
  • Antiseptic/Betadine 
  • Saline Solution 
  • Syringes (assorted sizes) 
  • Swabs 
  • Gauze 
  • Medical tape 
  • Micropore tape 
  • Sub-cut kits 
  • Vetrap bandages 
  • Butterfly needles 
  • Disposable gloves 
  • Dressings (assorted) 
  • Disinfectant handwash 

Other Items 

Wildlife food or credit with wildlife food suppliers 

We're grateful for items we can give to our volunteers to use in fundraising. Consider donating: 

  • Tickets & Experiences: Movie tickets, event tickets, hotel or resort stays, spa treatments, passes to attractions. 

Used Items 

Some used items can have a second life supporting wildlife. Please ensure they are clean and of good quality: 

  • Used Towels: Must be clean and free of loose threads 
  • Cages and Aviaries: Clean and in good condition 

Hotels, Motels, and Laundry Services 

If you have clean, white towels, pillowcases, or flat sheets that can no longer be used, please contact us using the form on this page. 

Can't Accept Your Donations? We've Got You Covered! 

If, for any reason, we cannot accept your donations, don't worry. We are committed to helping you find an alternative way to support wildlife. We work closely with the Animal Rescue Cooperative (ARC), an organisation that shares our goal of aiding wildlife rescuers and carers in need.  

Since the devastating Black Summer Bushfires, we have worked closely with ARC to distribute thousands of tonnes of vital supplies, including wildlife food and essential items, to dedicated wildlife rescuers and carers across Australia.  

Donating & Questions 

If you'd like to donate items from our Wish List or have questions about in-kind donations, please complete the form on this page. Provide dimensions for bulky items like cages, carriers, and playpens.

Your support makes a world of difference to Australian wildlife in need. Thank you!

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