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Corporate Volunteering

Providing volunteer time or pro-bono services

WIRES is extremely grateful to businesses wanting to donate staff time and/or services to help native animals.

As a wildlife organisation WIRES is dedicated to ensuring that all rescued animals able to be rehabilitated, are released back into the wild as quickly as possible. Due to the nature of our work, our wildlife care services are provided on an ongoing, normally short-term basis by our volunteers at their homes. As WIRES do not have shelters we are unable to provide any on-site volunteer opportunities with animals.

However, there are many way businesses and their employees can volunteer to assist, that can expand WIRES capacity to help more individual native animals short-term and all species long-term.

For organisations wanting to volunteer your staff's time or expertise, some examples of possible projects include:

We are always open to new ideas and would be keen to discuss any other ideas you have for volunteering with WIRES to help wildlife.

If you are interested in corporate volunteering with WIRES please email your organisation's details to [email protected].