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Candy and Ernie are Bare-nosed Wombat joeys around the same age. They were both involved in car accidents and lost their mothers long before they were due to leave the pouch.

Once they were well enough, they were ‘buddied up’ to help prepare them for a successful release back into their natural habitat.

Anna sent through some film footage for you to see Candy and Ernie’s progress. By now they are thriving – though there are certainly ups and downs when living with your buddy!

Australia's iconic wombats are facing many challenges, including significant loss of habitat, increasing motor vehicle incidents, extreme weather events and serious disease.

WIRES is focused on the rescue, rehabilitation and release of the animals in our care, which can be a long and challenging process. Wombats spend up to 18 months in care – the longest rehabilitation period for any of our native species.

With your help, we can support native animals at all stages of this journey.