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For all wildlife rescue please call 1300 094 737 or use our Report a rescue form

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Branch Description

WIRES Macarthur rescue wildlife in an area covering the Campbelltown and Camden LGAs, reaching from Glenfield in the East through to Cobbity in the west to Camden across to Wedderburn. Continuing suburban development puts pressure on our wildlife as their habitat reduces.

We rescue many species of native animals, mostly birds, but also possums, reptiles, turtles and snakes and koalas of which we have the only disease free colony and the occasional kangaroo.

The branch also supports a totally disease free koala population that many members of the branch rescue and care for and monitor on a daily basis.

We meet on the second Monday of the month at The Greg Percival Community center, Oxford road Ingleburn 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm.

Local Supporters

BBQ's and stalls to help raise funds and awareness to help the wildlife in care.

Local school presentations to teach about the wildlife in the area.

Get Involved

We need more volunteers to assist with wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. If you are interested in joining us, please read our branchrmation about becoming a volunteer.

Local Stories

Young Female Koala

Back in June 2017 a young female koala was spotted walking up and down a road in St Helens Park.

The koala was reported as being the size of cat and looking lost so the members of public acted quickly with a blanket and bundled her up and called WIRES.

The young juvenile koala was taken into care and given a full health check and some ear tags to help identify her after being given the all clear for release.

WIRES members had named this little one Bianca/ Bunky and she is part of Macarthur’s disease free colony.

Our colony is very unique and precious to the Macarthur region as it is the last of the Chlamydia free colonies and Council along with WIRES members and the community are doing everything possible to help this colony remain disease free.

With the constant threats happening around our koalas such as developments their homes are not only being destroyed but their habitats are being lost leaving them in harm's way with houses and domestic animals such as dogs and motor vehicle collisions.

With the continual clearing of land, forests, parks and reserves it means all our wildlife including the koala will suffer from:

* Loss of habitat
* Increased disturbance by humans
* Injury or death from traffic
* Increased competition for food and territory
* Increase of stress making them more susceptible to disease

They are already facing high risks from cars, dogs, bushfires, dieback and disease but if the destructions of their habitats keep happening sadly our koalas will not only be disease free but they will be homeless and chances of disease will be higher. Our koalas future is an uncertain one.

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