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Branch Description

WIRES Mid North Coast covers a large area, from Halfway Creek north of Corindi Beach in the north to Stuart’s Point south of Macksville to the south and out to Ebor in the west, an area of approximately 8172 sq. km.

Local Supporters

WIRES MNC assisted with the Bellinger River Snapping Turtle disaster which came to light in February this year. MNC members assisted with retrieval of turtles from the Bellinger River and also collected turtles from members of the public, transporting them to a central collection point in Coffs Harbour. The cause and exact nature of the fatal, infectious disease has still not been pinpointed.

In April and May each year, WIRES MNC members rescue hundreds of Wedge-tailed Shearwaters in and around Coffs Harbour. The juvenile fledglings take off from Muttonbird Island to travel north, but often get confused by lighting in the town and head in the wrong direction. Once on the ground the young birds are unable to become airborne. Volunteers and members of the public collect the birds, which are held overnight and returned to Muttonbird Island the following evening, hopefully to take off successfully on their long journey.

WIRES MNC members have been involved in the National Flying-fox Monitoring Programme, which has been undertaken four times a year since 2013. This programme aims to establish the population size and distribution of flying-foxes throughout eastern Australia.

Get Involved

We need more volunteers to assist with wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. If you are interested in joining us, please read our branchrmation about becoming a volunteer.

Local Stories

Bushfire recovery update: Mid North Coast Macropod Enclosure Construction

Many WIRES members directly felt the impact of the 19/20 bushfire season and continue their efforts to rebuild after the tragic losses experienced.

WIRES carer Cheryl, the Macropod Coordinator in the Mid North Coast region of NSW, lost an entire enclosure to these fires.

With the support of Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife and ongoing maintenance/upkeep from WIRES, this enclosure is in the process of being rebuilt. Two pens are being built; a Macropod rescue/release pen and a Macropod joey rescue/release pen. Both will be fully equipped to care for Macropods from rescue to release.

Progress on this rebuild continues, the land it will be constructed on has been levelled by a bulldozer and we are waiting on fencing to be installed. You can see green reappearing in the surrounding landscape.

This rebuild will directly impact the wellbeing of local wildlife, particularly Eastern Grey Kangaroos who will be cared for extensively again.


Last October, a Grey-headed flying-fox was taken by a python from a white mulberry tree in a beach suburb north of Coffs Harbour. The python fell from the tree with its prey, the noise alerting the home owner, whose very well-trained border collie confronted the python. Said python regurgitated the half-swallowed bat (unfortunately now dead).

A tiny squeak was heard coming from under the dead mother's armpit, and WIRES was called. Our rescuer found young Shensu (6 days old, male) under her wing.

Shensu means "big snake" and was cared for by one of our bat-trained and vaccinated members. He was washed clean of python digestive juices and adjusted extremely well to life in care.

Shensu was released successfully with the rest of our orphaned pups earlier this year.

The hungry snake was released unharmed. With thanks to rescuer Jo and carer Linda.

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