WIRES attends the Conservation in Action Conference

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

The Conservation in Action Conference in Orange, NSW this month brought conservation leaders together nationwide. From presentations by government agencies to university students, program managers to field scientists, WIRES was proud to be a major sponsor of this incredible event which saw over two hundred people attend throughout the three-day event. After two years of postponements due to the pandemic, the immediate gravitation toward interconnectedness was apparent right from the beginning.

With a litany of conservation efforts represented across a wide range of flora and fauna, and with frank discussions around key threats to their survival, attendees gained insight into the struggle our wildlife faces. Impressive work across the board for flora and fauna, big and small, always left cause for hope. It was a fantastic opportunity for WIRES to bring together individuals as a Greater Bilby level sponsor.

Over the course of the event, WIRES experienced firsthand the significance of connection as attendees approached them with fascination and questions about their work. It was a unique opportunity to speak with rural and traditional landowners, scientists, and policymakers about how WIRES could align with them to achieve their common goal of wildlife preservation. New partnerships were formed and old relationships were reignited! 

During the dinner hosted by WIRES, the National Projects and Grants Manager, Jennie Murray, shared the work of thousands of WIRES volunteers since 1985, particularly since the Black Summer Bushfires. She shared the exciting news of their newly implemented grant programs, having just completed their first round of the WIRES Research Grants Program in April 2022, with the next opportunity coming up in early 2023 and the second round of the National Grants Program opening in July 2022. 

The enthusiastic wildlife advocates left the conference with a profound sense of renewed passion and optimism for the future of our beloved native wildlife and their habitat.

Find out more about our National Wildlife Grant Programs.

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