Urban Quoll Rescue

Thursday, June 17, 2010

WIRES was called in to rescue a rare spotted-tail quoll caught in a trap that had been set for feral cats in Erskine Park.

Spotted-tail quolls are the largest carnivorous marsupial in Australia and are an endangered species. The introduction of feral animals, diseases and the destruction of their forest habitats has greatly reduced their numbers in recent years.

"It's extremely unusual to see one in Sydney," WIRES spokeswoman Jilea Carney said.

WIRES volunteer rescuer Sean Cade spent Thursday night caring for the quoll.

He believes it is possible that recent backburning in the Blue Mountains may have forced the quoll to become displaced.

"He was very frightened and scared,'' he said. "They're not known to travel down this far down the mountains, so the opportunity to look after him for a night was a pleasant surprise.''

Renowned for their feisty nature, this young quoll was in perfect health and enjoyed an overnight feast of chicken necks before he was released back into a more suitable area of bush the next day.

Urban Quoll Rescue

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