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Too many being impacted by land clearing

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Long-nosed Bandicoot joeyThis young male Long-nosed bandicoot was dropped into a local Northern Beaches vet with his mother. They had been found by the side of the road and sadly the mother died overnight at the vet. She didn't have any obvious injuries but it is likely she had been hit by a car and died of internal injuries.

Luckily this little guy was fine and he came into care with WIRES.

Bandicoots, like many of our small marsupials are under pressure.

Of the estimated 12 species of bandicoot in Australia, nearly half are now extinct, threatened with extinction or extremely rare. One of the key contributors to their decline is land clearing. 

The proposed changes to NSW Biodiversity laws will contribute to even further loss of habitat for bandicoots and many other species. Please lend your voice to stop these changes and help protect habitat for our endangered wildlife. Sign the petition today at http://bit.ly/Standup4nature or send a letter to the minister http://bit.ly/Minister-Letter ‪#‎Standup4Nature