The Candelo Tawny

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Candelo Tawny

This lucky Tawny frogmouth was rescued one night by a caring woman who sacrificed her modesty in the face of helping an injured animal.

While on her way home one night she spotted him sitting in the middle of the street in Candelo, a small town in the far south of NSW. He was unable to fly and obviously stunned.

Not having anything handy to wrap him in, and given it was dark and seeing no-one around, she took off her blouse. While standing there in her bra, in the dark, in the middle of the road and clutching the injured bird wrapped in her blouse, a passing gentleman stopped his car and enquired if she was OK. Very embarrassed she hastened to assure him she was.

The Tawny subsequently came to WIRES far south east branch and after a shaky start and a month in rehabilitation he recovered well. He was released back at Candelo and it was a delight to watch him fly strongly into a large gum tree, seeming to recognise where he was.

Story thanks to Judy Dickmann

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