Wednesday, July 6, 2011


During June our WIRES northern rivers branch had two Topknot pigeons in care.

Topknot pigeons are found only in Australia and are a rainforest species that often fly high above the canopy.

They are very rarely seen in suburban areas, but will forage on the outskirts of urban areas if the introduced Camphor Laurel tree and other fruits are available.

These large birds are nomadic and follow seasonal fruiting patterns. They also tend to migrate from coastal areas to the highlands during spring and summer.

One of the pigons in care with WIRES had a broken wing and the other one was very weak and had lost tail feathers.

These Topknot pigeons spent some time in WIRES care and have just been released back into the wild.

They flew off beautifully and rejoined the flock as they continue their migration to follow the fruiting berries.

Story and image thanks to Alicia Carter, WIRES Northern Rivers

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