Friday, January 1, 2021

Last October, a Grey-headed flying-fox was taken by a python from a white mulberry tree in a beach suburb north of Coffs Harbour. The python fell from the tree with its prey, the noise alerting the home owner, whose very well-trained border collie confronted the python. Said python regurgitated the half-swallowed bat (unfortunately now dead).

A tiny squeak was heard coming from under the dead mother's armpit, and WIRES was called. Our rescuer found young Shensu (6 days old, male) under her wing.

Shensu means "big snake" and was cared for by one of our bat-trained and vaccinated members. He was washed clean of python digestive juices and adjusted extremely well to life in care.

Shensu was released successfully with the rest of our orphaned pups earlier this year.

The hungry snake was released unharmed. With thanks to rescuer Jo and carer Linda.

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