Satin Bowerbird chicks reunited with parents

Satin Bowerbird chicks reunited with parents

Monday, November 28, 2022

After a weekend of very high winds a call came to our rescue office about a juvenile bird requiring rescue.

WIRES volunteer, Tirah arrived to find two young and very vulnerable Satin Bowerbirds chicks on the ground below a large tree.

With the help of the community member who called WIRES Rescue line a makeshift nest was constructed using a cane basket, some dry leaves and other material. The original nest was quite high in the tree about 8 metres from the ground. The makeshift nest was then carefully and securely fastened about 2 metres off the ground in the same tree as the original nest.

Tirah reports that throughout the rescue, making of the nest and securing the nest the adult bird remained very close by and when a check was done the following day the parents were observed feeding the chicks in the makeshift nest.

Satin bowerbirds are known for decorating their bowers with blue objects collected from nearby and can include blue flowers or feathers, native berries and sometimes pieces of blue string or glass. The items are arranged strategically around to help attract a mate. Satin bowerbirds nest between August and January.

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