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Python takes refuge in engine bay

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Darren Keane, a photographer from Melbourne, was on his way to Protester Falls in the north of NSW recently when he came across a Coastal carpet python slowly crossing the road. Knowing that the reptile was in danger on the road he stopped to slow approaching traffic, however he had not intended to offer the stranger a lift....

As Darren was diverting traffic the python sought refuge in in the engine bay of his car! Following the advice and efforts of some friendly locals Darren called WIRES for help.

On arrival the WIRES reptile handler found that the python had moved from the engine bay to the suspension coil above the front wheel and had secured a solid hold and was not keen to give up his new found security.

After more than an hour of attempts at gentle persuasion it was decided the python was not about to move any time soon.

Driver and rescuer retreated for the night, leaving the reptile with the car to consider his position with a view to moving on. Alas the following dayfound 'Monty' still enjoying his new found home and now back in the engine bay.

With advice from local mechanics, removal of some hosing, a firm hold on the python by the handler and a gentle massage for the snake by the driver Monty seemingly realised he was in safe hands,  relinquished his hold and surrendered to his rescuers.

Following a thorough check for injury he was released close by in a sunny spot to heat up and resume his life in the wild.

A big thank you goes out to Darren for remaining so relaxed, taking some great photo's and for keeping the python at the forefront of his thoughts throughout the long process, however next time he stops to help a snake he will park his car a few meters further away!

Almost 24 hours after Darren and Monty crossed paths both were back on their way.

Image credit: Darren Keane Photography


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