Pre-schoolers first hand rescue education

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A pre-school in West Pymble called WIRES to report a young Tawny Frogmouth had been found on top of their recycling bin in their play area.

We despatched one of our Wildlife Rescue Ambulances to provide assistance. On arrival our experienced Ambulance Officer, prepared to contain the mother and chick. In the interests of education the teachers asked if the young children could watch the rescue, Barry agreed as long as they kept very quiet.

As he attempted to contain the mother she flew off to a nearby tree, perched on a branch and watched the "rescue" scene below. Barry moved in to contain the chick and to his surprise it also flew off nearby. Obviously a fledgling, Barry was able to place the chick on a low branch where it could be reunited with its mother and they flew off together.

The young children were lucky to experience a WIRES Wildlife Ambulance in action, with such a positive outcome. We hope it encourages them to think about our unique wildlife now and in the future.

Pre-schoolers first hand rescue education

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