Friday, January 1, 2021

Just before Xmas, longtime rescuer and carer Dave Millett was called to a rescue of a pelican on Narrabeen Lake. Dave needed to borrow a canoe and enlisted the aid of several school children on hand at the Lake. The children helped with catching the pelican by rounding it up and then paddled the canoe back to shore whilst Dave held the pelican in a garbage bin.

The pelican was taken to wildlife vet Howard Ralph who operated to remove hooks and put in drains for infection. Dave then took the pelican home to care for him.

He spent Christmas with Dave and Lyn and stayed until his stitches were removed and he was deemed OK to be returned to the lake. On release his mate immediately turned up to welcome him back. After a few minutes swimming back and forth he left the water and came over to Dave and Lyn as if to say thank you, but was probably hoping for some last minute fish. It was very rewarding to be able to return him to his home ready to resume his normal life.

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