Orphaned Squirrel Glider

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This young female squirrel glider was sadly orphaned.

She was found in the north of the state on the edge of a cattle water trough. Her mother had tragically drowned in the trough.

Many native animals drown in livestock troughs as they try to access the water. If they fall in it is often difficult or impossible for them to get back out.

Such tragedy can be avoided or at least reduced by putting a stick or hanging a rope from the edge of the trough which the animal can use to climb out if they accidentally fall in.

This young squirrel glider was luckily found in time, very wet, bedraggled and hungry. She is now in care and doing well and we hope will be able to be released in the new year.

Squirrel gliders are listed as a vulnerable species in NSW and do not often come into our care with only 18 having been rescued during 2011.

Orphaned Squirrel Glider

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