Netting a hazard for python

Monday, May 29, 2023

Our Rescue Ambulance was called to a house in northern Sydney this morning to rescue a snake.

On arrival at the house our ambulance operator found this one and a half metre long diamond python caught in loose netting that had been draped over some herbs.

After some careful extraction work the beautiful python was taken to Reptile specialist David Vella at North Shore Vet for a health check.

David declared the reptile healthy and injury free and he is being transported by our Rescue Ambulance back to the area where he was found to be released.

Discarded orchard netting also poses many problems. Often left in piles about yards or sheds, when no longer needed, or loosely draped over fruit trees and vegetable gardens, to protect plants.

Many creatures get tangled up in the netting, suffering constriction, dehydration and starvation, it’s not pleasant to find an animal in this condition. We ask everyone to be diligent about the responsible removal of unused or unnecessary netting from around their property, and please urge others to do likewise.

Netting a hazard for python

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