Murray River Local Rescue - Australian Hobby

Murray River Local Rescue - Australian Hobby

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

>An Australian Hobby came into care from the Burraja/Lowesdale area with an injured right wing and injured left leg. She weighed 305 grams when she came in and was immediately taken to Family Vet for x-rays.

She was diagnosed with a fracture of the right coracoid bone and the wing was strapped. While we waited to see if the fracture had healed she was monitored closely and found to have no trouble feeding which is a key requirement if a bird is being released back to the wild.

Her leg had also healed during her time in care and it was wonderful to see when the bandages were removed that she could now fly. She still has a way to go as there is a lot of rehabilitation work to go as she builds strength and agility back into the wing that has been out of action, but signs are good.

Update: She has since been successfully released back to the wild.

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