Men's Sheds Helping Wildlife

Men's Sheds Helping Wildlife

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Natural tree hollows are an increasingly scarce and valuable resource for many native species and for some they are essential. Hollows provide safe places to shelter and in many cases to breed. Natural hollows that are suitable to support wildlife can take 100-200 years to form and many hollow-bearing trees were lost in the 2019/20 bushfire season.

In response to this, in collaboration with The Men's Shed and ARC, WIRES have delivered 538 boxes to help WIRES volunteers and small mammals across 20 branches.

WIRES provided funding to the Mens Shed for the boxes which they said helped them immensely after having to close for such a long time with COVID. There were 6 sheds involved in this project: Gosford, Terrigal, Erina, Wangi, Morpeth and Raymond Terrace.

WIRES members have been very happy with the boxes, which have been used for both in-care situations and soft release. The nesting boxes will also be used by wildlife carers around the country in the course of care as well as time of release for the target species.

This is a huge undertaking that will benefit countless animals. We are very proud to be working with Men's Shed, who have always been supportive of wildlife carers. Local sheds also often work with wildlife carers near them to build enclosure and perches.

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