Little Lady

Little Lady

Friday, January 1, 2021

As you can see this little lady was very sad looking when she was rescued in Bathurst just before the snow started falling during the very cold weather experienced across the Central West in July. WIRES volunteer, Christie says she was not sure she would make it through the night.

She was found on the path near a house, and it is thought a dog or cat may have brought her in. They thought she was a baby sugar glider, but when Christie arrived on the scene she could see from the tail it was a Feathertail Glider.

Feathertail after a day or two in careShe was kept warm, dark and quiet overnight, and she was much brighter the next day. She is on the tiniest dose of antibiotics you can give, and she is now also on ointment for that squinty eye, which is thankfully looking better each day.

Christie says "she loves her special porridge and is eating up big. She's very gentle, a truly a beautiful little creature and I feel honoured to be able to learn from her while in care."

Fingers crossed she continues to make improvements and we can get her back out with her colony.

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