How a Community Saved a Kangaroo Mob from Ticks

How a Community Saved a Kangaroo Mob from Ticks

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Against the raw backdrop of South Durras, where waves and sand meet in a rugged dance, a story of camaraderie and persistence has emerged. A group of macropods, the iconic kangaroos of Australia faced a stark challenge as ticks plagued their ranks, leaving them weakened and sluggish. But this isn't a fairy tale – it's a story of grit, tenacity, and the strength found in unity.

Urgency Sparks Action

Tucked within the embrace of the NRMA Murramurang Resort, the local kangaroo group found themselves grappling with a tick infestation that stirred concern among both the resort's team and its visitors. A call for aid was heard, and the resort's committed crew reached out to WIRES Mid South Coast branch. What followed was a chain reaction of support, a testament to the power of collective concern.

How a Community Saved a Kangaroo Mob from Ticks

Guidance and Grit: A Formula for Progress

Recognising the urgency, the WIRES Mid South Coast branch sought counsel from Dr. Tania Bishop, WIRES Wildlife Veterinarian. Dr. Bishop's advice was crucial, a blend of expertise and practicality. The aim was clear: to alleviate the suffering of the macropods without causing further stress during treatment. Her insight illuminated a way forward, rekindling hope for the survival of these indigenous creatures.

Transformation in Progress

Recent updates from the WIRES Mid South Coast branch unveil an encouraging narrative of progress. The macropods, once weighed down by ticks, have rallied against adversity. The metamorphosis they've undergone is nothing short of impressive. The combined efforts of WIRES, the resort, and Dr. Bishop have breathed new life into these kangaroos. It's a living testament to what can be achieved through collective determination.

Gratitude in Action: BBQ for a Cause

The Murramurang Resort's response to this triumph is both practical and heartening. In a show of gratitude, the resort is organizing a special fundraising BBQ event during the upcoming peak season, with all proceeds benefiting WIRES. This isn't merely a token of appreciation; it's a declaration of unity between the human and animal worlds – a reminder that our actions can forge tangible change.

A Lesson in Shared Impact

This tale from the shores of South Durras is a poignant reminder of our interconnectedness. It underscores the influence a community wields when it rallies for the welfare of its wildlife inhabitants. Far from a fairy-tale ending, it's a tale of real-world resilience, determination, and collective spirit.

As the waves crash against the shore and the macropods regain their vitality, let this narrative stand as a testament to what's achievable when people and nature unite for a common goal.

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