Caring motorist rescues kestrel

Monday, May 29, 2023

Late last week Neil, a caring motorist, was travelling between Wellington and Orange in central western NSW when he saw an injured bird of prey in the middle of the road.

Neil gently caught the raptor and put it in his car. Because he had no box to contain the bird he placed it on the seat where it promptly perched on his hard hat for part of the trip and later curled up on the seat. When he got home to Orange he immediately called WIRES who came and picked up the injured bird.

WIRES confirmed the bird was a Nankeen Kestrel one of Australia's smaller birds of prey and has taken the animal into care for observation and a complete health check. The kestrel had an eye injury which has now healed.

The bird has been taken back to the area where it was found and released back into the wild. WIRES would like to thank Neil for caring enough to rescue this injured bird from its precarious position in the middle of a busy country road and for acting so promptly in contacting WIRES.

Caring motorist rescues kestrel

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